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I'm a freelance web developer. I build sites for individuals and small businesses at a fair price. I'm a visual , as well. I design logos, do illustrations, portraits, and paint canvases. Emphasis for web development and design is: simple, functional, user friendly, and responsive across multiple browsers. If you're looking for an upgrade beyond the do-it-yourself Wix type sites, but don't want to pay high end web dev prices, then let's connect. I have more tools at my disposal than you'll find at Wix, thus more options for customizing a web identity and user experience.

Did you know that ugly websites get more traffic? That's according to a recent article I read. "Ugly" is defined as a site that lacks sliders, animations, and sleek fonts, and is rather plain, boxy, and simple, with extra-large buttons directing users to , , , , or . Such "ugly" sites include: Walmart, Amazon, and PayPal. They get a lot of traffic. What I design for you won't look like Walmart, so don't worry. But, the idea is to compel users to take action.

I graduated with a business degree from Georgia Tech. Life experience in a paragraph: guitar player/singer of a band called , who toured the east coast of the U.S. during the 90's and recorded several albums; Credit Collections Supervisor at The Quikrete Companies headquartered in Atlanta, GA from 2000 - 2007; lived in Switzerland for 7 years where I had my first art exhibition, where I learned to speak German and where I completed a course through Cambridge University to teach English as a 2nd Language; re-patriated to the U.S. in 2015 where I worked odd jobs waiting tables, washing windows and teaching Chinese kids online, while taking courses in web development and graphic design; I'm married with two well-traveled K-9s procured from Switzerland; I speak passable Spanish.

See what I can do for you:

What I can do for you

Web Design

After our first consultation, I'll ask you to complete a questionnaire, provide specific content, sign our contract and pay a deposit at my PayPal account. With the content you provide and the completed questionnaire, I'll put together a wireframe (site outline) and begin a first draft. I then send you a link to view the progress in your browser with each successive draft (there will be several).

Web development

I can build you an elegant, simple static site or a complex web-based application with a dedicated database for authenticating and saving customer profiles for online purchases. The type of website depends on your business needs, target audience, and long term projections.

Graphic design

I'm happy to create art, logos, illustrations, flyers, T-shirt designs, fine art paintings (family portraits) or even write a song for you. Let's connect.

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Ingram Engineering: Audio
Keith E Lee, Retrospective
BOB: 90s Art-Punk Band
The Toilet Scrolls: A Satire

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